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Welcome to the Galactic Empires Wiki.

This Wiki acts as the whitepaper for Galactic Empires.

Galactic Empires is a strategic space simulation game. Thousands of players compete against each other at the same time. All you need to play is a normal web browser. Galactic Empires is a so-called MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game).

What is Galactic Empires about

You are an intergalactic player who uses different strategies to expand your influence over several galaxies. You start on your own planet and use the resources available there to build up an economic and military infrastructure. Research gives you access to new, superior technologies and better weapon systems. In the course of the game you will colonize several planets, form alliances with other rulers, trade with them or wage war against them.

Free to Play & Play to Earn

Dark Energy is the most valuable resource in the universe. You can spend Dark Energy units to purchase valuable in-game perks. Dark Energy can be exchanged with the game's cryptocurrency token GAL. GAL's liquidity is locked so every Dark Energy unit you earn has instant real world value!

Get daily Dark Energy rewards by advancing in the game - the higher your ranking the more rewards you get. Refer new players and get a commission every time they make an in-game purchase using Dark Energy. Stake GAL and maximize your Dark Energy rewards for the ultimate Play to Earn experience.

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