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Energy is one of the basic units in Galactic Empires, along with Metal, Crystal and Deuterium.

Energy can neither be transported nor stored. In contrast to the other resources, it is also not constantly regenerated, but instead held at a constant value, which represents the income from this resource.

That's why it also shows a numerical ratio, where the number to the left of the slash represents the actual energy minus the consumption of the mines, and the number to the right represents the total production of the revenue streams.

The primary source of energy income is the solar power plant. Another option is the fusion power plant, which, however, requires constant Deuterium consumption for energy production but the yield of fusion power plants can be increased by advancing energy technology. The third alternative is solar satellites. The advantage of these is that they generally have a relatively high energy yield at a constant price. However, these are part of the fleet and can thus lure other players into a debris field raid, especially since they are not only an easy target for attack, but also cannot be saved.

In the late game, on planets with high-level mines, the solar satellites are the most important source of energy.


The energy is needed to keep production going in the Metal Mine, Crystal Mine, and Deuterium Synthesizer.

In addition, a certain amount of energy is required once for graviton research and for the terraformer. The mines don't have to be set to 0 for this, it doesn't matter whether the energy is currently needed by mines or not, it's all about the total energy available.

The total income is determined by the sources of income and according to the energy consumption of all mines. Therefore, this value can also be negative when energy consumption exceeds production. In this case, the production factor is reduced accordingly and thus the income from the other raw materials is reduced. The raw material production can be regulated according to the preferred raw material. The production of solar power plants and solar satellites can also be reduced, but this does not bring any advantages.

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