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Raw Materials

Metal Crystal Defterium

Metal, crystal and Deuterium are the three raw materials in Galactic Empires. Energy and Dark Energy are not among the actual raw materials.


The raw materials can be obtained by mining in Metal mines, Crystal mines and Deuterium synthesizers, by raiding another planet, by mining a debris field or in an expedition. Due to the basic production (20 Metal/h; 10 Crystal/h (except in universities 50, 60 and 70: 40 Metal/h; 20 Crystal/h) of each planet, the amount of raw materials increases even when the mines are switched off and in vacation mode.

If the energy is too low, the mines / synthesizer work weaker and fewer raw materials are generated per hour in proportion to the energy deficit.

Trading commodities is common in Galactic Empires.


In principle, each planet can store any number of resources. But if, for example, you receive a raw material delivery with 200,000 Metal, but can only store 75,000 (storage level 4), you still receive all 200,000. The storage is then overfull and the raw material quantity at the top is displayed in RED. However, the mine then stops working, but it still consumes energy. It is therefore advisable to set the mine to 0% when there is a shortage of energy (production factor <1). Then it no longer consumes any energy. Don't forget to turn the mine back on afterwards!


The resources are required for the construction of all buildings, ships, defense systems and also for research.

You get one point for every 1,000 units of raw materials you use or research. Here, both Metal, Crystal and Deuterium give points.

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